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Fire Systems

When fire and safety equipment is installed in your building, it’s important to make sure that it is visible and accessible. Daytona Fire Equipment offers a full line of cabinets to protect your equipment from the elements and vandalism. From surface mounted plastic to recessed aluminum, we have a cabinet style for every décor.

Fire and grease are essential in the operation of a restaurant kitchen, but they also carry the potential for a fire disaster if not managed properly. As the area’s authorized Ansul dealer, Daytona Fire Equipment can provide installation and service from the company that invented restaurant fire protection systems.

Ansul’s wet chemical fire protection is the system of choice by major restaurant chains. With quick clean up and minimal food loss, you are back in operation quickly, should the unthinkable occur.
The Ansul system comes in a stainless steel cabinet, so it looks good in your kitchen until called upon to do its job. And when it does, the low ‘ph’ chemical won’t cause additional damage to your cooking equipment, like higher ‘ph’ chemicals do. You can always count on Daytona Fire Equipment to provide quality products and service at competitive prices. Why settle for anything less?

Ansul – the company that invented restaurant protection systems. Ask for it by name.

Emergency Lights & Exit signs

Emergency lights and exit signs are essential to prevent the loss of life in a fire. Because smoke obscures vision and electricity can be lost due to fire damage, or the electrical lines being cut, it is very difficult to find a way out.

Daytona Fire Equipment has replacement batteries, bulbs and trained service techs to verify that your fixtures are working properly. We carry low-maintenance, LED exit fixtures and other self-powered tritium exit signs, just in case electricity is not available.
Whatever your situation, we have the solution.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Grease laden vapors are a normal part of the operation of a restaurant kitchen.

Grease buildup in the exhaust hood can become a fire and health hazard if not cleaned regularly.

Excessive grease build-up can burn out fan motors, stretch fan belts and reduce the overall efficiency of the exhaust system, raising temperatures in the kitchen.

Daytona Fire can steam clean your hoods, ducts, fans, appliances and more to help keep your exhaust system running efficiently and your kitchen looking great. Ask for a free estimate and one of our techs will be glad to work out a schedule that’s right for you!

CO2 Refilling

In nost cases we can refill your CO2 tank while you wait. We do not simply swap out your CO2 tank with a different CO2 tank, we will take the time to refill your CO2 tank and return that CO2 tank to you so you do not get “stuck” with an older tank that may require additional services due to thier age.

Commercial CO2 Service

Commercial CO2 Service for Restaurants and Bars is also available. Please contact our office for more information.

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