The number-one rated fire extinguisher by Consumer Reports is the Sentry brand extinguisher by Ansul. As a factory-authorized Ansul distributor, Daytona Fire Equipment is proud to offer the Sentry line of fire extinguishers. From small hand held portables to large industrial models, we have the right extinguisher to meet your needs.

We service all major brands of fire extinguisher, including:

Fire system brand-names we service:

Fire extinguisher cabinet brand-names:

  • Ansul
  • Kidde
  • Badger
  • Amerex
  • Pyrochemm
  • Ansul
  • Kiddle
  • Amerex
  • Pyrochem
  • Range Guard
  • Kitchen Night
  • Larsen’s
  • Cato
  • Thomas Industries
  • JL Industries
  • BECO


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