Fire Extinguisher Training

It’s very important to know the different types and proper operation of the types of fire extinguishers that might be around you before the fire occurs.

Located on the front of every fire extinguisher is an instruction label that provides this information. One method used to remember the proper operation of most types of fire extinguishers is the word P.A.S.S.

P – Pull the Pin
A – Aim the Discharge Nozzle
S – Squeeze the Handles
S – Sweep from side to side at the base of the flame.

Always stand back about six to eight feet and work your way into the fire, extinguishing as you go. REMEMBER, the PASS word: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Because in a fire, seconds really do count.

Proper mounting and location of fire extinguishers is important to allow them to be reached quickly in an emergency. Fire codes require that fire extinguishers be located in the path of egress, preferably at the exits.

Fire extinguishers must be mounted a minimum of 4” above the floor and up to a maximum of 60” above the floor to the top of the fire extinguisher. Daytona Fire recommends a maximum height of 48” to allow easy access for the handicapped. Fire Extinguishers that have a gross weight exceeding 40 pounds, have a maximum mounting height of 42”. Many considerations are taken into account when locating a fire extinguisher, and all of our service techs are trained in code requirements to ensure that you are in compliance.

Fire Extinguisher Training Video’s.

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